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Tuberville: ‘People should make a decision’ on lottery, legalization of gambling

US Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) held his weekly press appeal on Wednesday, discussing topics such as President Joe Biden’s so-called infrastructure proposal, the President’s ‘lean’ budget proposal for the fiscal year 2022 and the importance of protecting the filibuster of the Senate.

The junior senator from Alabama also reacted briefly in the Alabama Senate on Tuesday night by passing legislation that would legalize a lottery, casino gambling in certain locations and sports betting in the state.

Tuberville said he did not have a position on the details of the legislation currently under consideration by Alabama House, adding that he wanted to wait and see the final version of the legislation before deciding whether to l ‘would support himself. However, he ultimately wants the people of Alabama to get a vote on the issue in a referendum.

“I think people should make a decision on this; I don’t think it really should be a government decision. I think the House and the Senate understand, “Hey, let the people of the state vote on this and see which way they want to go.” I don’t have a dog in this hunt, ”Tuberville said.

He launched the call by commenting on the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan.

“Our infrastructure (in Alabama) needs repairs,” Tuberville said. “Our highways need to be repaired, condemned bridges need special attention, there are roads that need to be paved to connect our rural communities, and broadband needs to be improved.

“These are big projects, and that’s why every penny of every dollar in the infrastructure bill should actually go to traditional infrastructure projects like these,” he continued. “Unfortunately, President Biden is reinventing the idea of ​​how you think about infrastructure.”

Tuberville said Biden’s proposal “is not about infrastructure.”

“This is the Green New Deal in disguise,” warned the Republican senator. He decried that Biden’s plan would represent “the biggest tax increase since 1993” while threatening the existence of small businesses and family farms.

The next topic was Biden’s proposed budget for FY22, specifically with regard to defense spending.

“President Biden’s plan threatens the strength and stability of our fighting forces,” Tuberville warned. He said the Biden administration was sending the signal that its priority was “a weak army.”

Tuberville stressed that Biden’s proposal “weakens military readiness and benefits our adversaries.”

“We cannot afford a setback,” said the senator, stressing that “bad actors like China and Russia” are investing heavily in their armies “just to get ahead” of the United States.

“The lack of investment in our armed forces puts our men and women in uniform at a disadvantage,” he noted. “It has a direct impact on the Alabamians. From Mobile to Huntsville, Alabama, over 200,000 jobs are in National Defense (related work). “

“Alabama has a long history of contributing to our national defense,” Tuberville continued. “And our state plays a central role in shaping the future of our armed forces. Simply put, this budget proposal is scary. “

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Tuberville then expressed support for the continued filibuster.

“We need the systematic obstruction to protect the voice of the minority in the Senate,” he advised.

The Lee County resident concluded his remarks by reiterating his support for the COVID-19 vaccines.

He this week raised the news that the CDC and the Alabama Department of Public Health have both temporarily halted the Johnson and Johnson vaccine due to a rare type of blood clot appearing in six people – all women – who received the J&J coronavirus vaccine.

“Here we are looking at six cases of nearly seven million beatings administered across the country,” Tuberville commented. “Thanks to President Trump’s leadership and Operation Warp Speed, we have a lot of Moderna and Pfizer to do. Even today, President Biden said – these two vaccines – we have enough for everyone in this country. I’ve been in touch with the governor’s office and state officials, and they’ve assured me they’re on top of it all.

“I therefore continue to urge Alabamians to take any vaccine available when they can,” he concluded. “[G]and the vaccine, just like me.

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