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When Gayle Shaffer left the Midwest to attend college on the Gulf Coast, it didn’t take long for her to experience Southern hospitality at the University of South Alabama.

“I immediately felt at home,” she said. “You couldn’t walk across campus without everyone you meet saying ‘Hey’. I liked it. I made friends there and they taught me to talk about the South. I felt like I was part of a community. That’s what has always resonated with me.

Shaffer – now Rear Admiral Gayle Shaffer, Navy Deputy Surgeon General – had a scholarship in South. She also worked part-time in the marine biology lab of Dr. John Freeman, who studied the molting cycle of blue crabs.

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7 Things: Fauci says COVID-19 could have come from the Wuhan lab, Alabama’s lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast, there was time for play and more … – Yellowhammer News https://www.learnracquetball.com/7-things-fauci-says-covid-19-could-have-come-from-the-wuhan-lab-alabamas-lowest-unemployment-rate-in-the-southeast-there-was-time-for-play-and-more-yellowhammer-news-2/ Mon, 24 May 2021 12:21:24 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/7-things-fauci-says-covid-19-could-have-come-from-the-wuhan-lab-alabamas-lowest-unemployment-rate-in-the-southeast-there-was-time-for-play-and-more-yellowhammer-news-2/

Still the catch-all political crime, a treason charge is used to punish rivals and shield them from civic engagement. Autocrats use the insinuation of betrayal with brutal effectiveness to banish, if not execute, a political problem or inconvenient idea.

While betrayal is about to characterize someone with political beliefs that we disagree with, our founders made betrayal a particularly difficult crime to prove. As with much of the Constitution, the conditions were specifically written to prevent abuses that colonials witness. Article III, section 3 not only provides guarantees that treason should not be used to silence political opponents, but it also limits the scope of any sanction.

Because of these restrictions, we often forget what true betrayal looks like and do not fully appreciate loyalty to the country or creed. While national ties are reminiscent of family ties, this intrinsic loyalty to place or relationships is often weakened by expediency or ideology. Few people today really know a traitor to their country. There may be disagreements on many levels, but rarely do acts fully reach the level of betrayal in the constitutional definition. Betrayal in the United States is more than a lazy term of derision occasioned by mere political disagreements.

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Column: The old man and his basketball | Notice https://www.learnracquetball.com/column-the-old-man-and-his-basketball-notice/ Tue, 11 May 2021 15:01:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/column-the-old-man-and-his-basketball-notice/

The squirrels are laughing at me.

What could be causing them to make such a rowdy while I was trying to shoot hoops?

Did I tell you I hate squirrels? They’ve been my # 1 public enemy ever since someone tried to eat my car during Hurricane Irma. Evil creatures have caused all kinds of wiring damage to my Sonata.

I know you’re thinking: you’ve written about this before. To move on.

And if I wouldn’t care so much about providing free cartoon relief for creatures and humans, maybe I would actually do more than 1 in 100 photos.

That’s why I prefer to hit the b-ball courts in the morning: no one in sight, usually.

I recently started solo basketball just for exercise. Being the last of the best inexpensive skateboards, I paid $ 5 for a basketball in a store. The clerk would not give me a senior discount.

I hadn’t shot a basketball in years, maybe a decade. As a friend said on a sailing trip years ago, “Tom couldn’t touch the water if he fell from a boat.”

And I would probably drown in the tub if I filled it more than halfway.

But I exercised because I set the record for launching the most aerial balloons. I can’t tell you how many times I had to chase balls that happily rolled off the field and into the street.

The rims also irritated me, which as we said are unforgiving. The hellish ball often spins around the edges of the rim indefinitely and falls on either side of the structure before trying to escape.

In my late teens I loved playing basketball at my friend’s house. Brad and Mike let me play just so there were enough people to have a game. Or so they can have some comedic relief.

Like many teenagers or men in my early twenties that I knew, I tried every sport imaginable, from table tennis and handball to mat golf, playing for hours and hours.

If I had spent so much time studying that I was trying to prove that there was hope for me to be a professional athlete, I might have been better than the perpetual C student of my years. college years.

My father put it this way: “When Tommy went to community college, he found out he had to buy his books. When he went to the University of Florida, he found out he had to read them.

When I wasn’t playing handball, of course.

Handball succumbed to racquetball at the age of 25. And I played r-ball for about 30 years, eventually giving it up after two foot surgeries, two knee surgeries and other injuries.

I forgot to mention the elbow problems – not drinking beer.

I recently flirted with the idea of ​​playing pickleball until I developed more pain in my feet. I don’t know if I want to have my operation just to make other people laugh.

But I opted for more passive exercises, like walking along the beach and in our beautiful parks. I go to the recreation center treadmill every now and then, but visiting the torture centers becomes monotonous after more than twice a week.

Sooooo, I guess I’ll keep shooting hoops, when no one is looking at me, and chasing after the b-ball when it tries to escape.

As I continued to lift airballs one recent morning, my audience grew larger. The car-eaters had multiplied. And the peaks joined the chorus.

While I was taking a break, I saw a policeman cross the parking lot near the b-ball field. Oh-oh, I hope I wasn’t swearing too hard.

He was probably just there to enjoy the entertainment. Any day now, I expect the word to pass among the emergency services personnel about the old man and the under-inflated basketball.

Har Har. It is not easy to grow old. Guess the least I can do is bring a hydraulic execration tool in my wallet and buy a better basketball.

I bet the common joke among local paramedics is that if you see Tom Germond playing basketball, be prepared to practice CPR on him.

And his basketball.

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Home Version of Full Gaming Bills Includes Key Senate Variations, Provides Significant Funding for ‘Health Care Services’ – Yellowhammer News https://www.learnracquetball.com/home-version-of-full-gaming-bills-includes-key-senate-variations-provides-significant-funding-for-health-care-services-yellowhammer-news/ Tue, 04 May 2021 12:37:06 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/home-version-of-full-gaming-bills-includes-key-senate-variations-provides-significant-funding-for-health-care-services-yellowhammer-news/

House version of full gaming bills includes key Senate variants, provides significant funding for ‘health services’

Later this week, the House of Representatives is expected to hold a floor vote on a so-called comprehensive gambling proposal, which, if passed, would be a key step towards the proliferation of legal gambling in the state of l ‘Alabama.

However, the version being considered by the House appears to have significant differences from the bill passed by the Alabama Senate last month.

According to sources familiar with the legislation, the first bills and supporting documents appear to come from Gov. Kay Ivey’s office. Yellowhammer News obtained copies of the legislation and supporting documents for review by members of the Alabama House.

Highlights as follows:


Senate bills provide for the creation of an Alabama Education Lottery Corporation to administer the lottery. In the Senate version of the legislation, three members are appointed by the governor, one by the lieutenant governor, one by the acting president of the Alabama Senate, one by the president of Alabama House, and one by the attorney. general of the state.

According to the House’s proposal, the seven members are appointed by the Governor “with the advice and consent of the Senate”. The House version also establishes the Commissioner of Revenue, the Director of Finance and the State Treasurer as ex officio non-voting members.

Each member under the Senate bill would serve a five-year term. However, according to the House version, the member “may be removed by the governor for reason of limited conduct”.

Under the Senate bill, a retail lottery advisory board is appointed by members of the Alabama legislature. However, the House version of the bill eliminates the board.

Another significant difference between the House and Senate proposals is the legal age to be eligible to play the lottery in Alabama. Under the Senate, retailers are prohibited from selling to those under the age of 21. In the House version, the age is 19.

Lottery proceeds in the Senate version are split evenly between the education trust fund (70% allocated to primary and secondary education and 30% to higher education) and a post-secondary scholarship fund . The House bill completely transfers funds to scholarships with varying ranges of eligibility for recipients.


Similar to the Lottery Corporation, the Senate effort creates the Alabama Gaming Commission, which includes two governor appointments, one from the Speaker of the House, one from the House Minority Leader, and one from the Speaker of the Senate. Pro-Tem, one of the Senate minority. Chief and one by the Lieutenant Governor. However, the House version allows for the appointment of these seven members only by the governor, with input from the leadership in the Alabama legislature, which would nominate candidates.

Under the Senate bill, a gaming advisory board is created with board appointments made by various members of the state government, ranging from the governor to the director of the Alabama Department of Tourism. However, in the House bill, there is no advisory board of the Alabama Gaming Commission.

Casino locations:

Under the Senate proposal, casino licenses would be offered for locations that would include Jefferson County, Macon County, Mobile County, Greene County, Houston County, and a location in Jackson Counties or DeKalb and would be offered in a quasi-competitive process.

The House bill defines specific sites in these counties, but includes a list of criteria to be considered in the competitive licensing process, as follows:

• The license fees of the potential casino operator.
• Its experience in the operation of pari-mutuels betting, casino type games and sports betting.
• Its familiarity with the local market.
• Its existing or past investments in the relevant jurisdiction.
• Its links with the community and its support.
• His anticipated annual income.
• Its commitment to make capital investments.
• Its commitment to employ local citizens.
• Its plans to recruit a diverse workforce.
• Its track record in hiring, developing and promoting a diverse workforce.
• Its commitment to providing certain amenities, such as hotels and restaurants.
• Its security and logistics plans.
• Its plans to facilitate responsible gambling.

Distribution of gaming revenue:

The Senate is proposing revenue split percentages, with a one-time spend of $ 750 million for IT infrastructure that would improve rural broadband access statewide. Beyond administration costs, the Senate would distribute revenue before meeting the $ 750 million appropriation as follows: 65% for IT infrastructure, 25% for health care / rural health care, and 10% for mental health care.

Once the $ 750 million is reached, the breakdown changes as follows: 25% for capital / non-recurring expenses, 25% for health care / rural health care, 10% for IT infrastructure, 15% for infrastructure, 15% for mental health care and 10% would go to cities / counties administered by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA).

In the House bill, money is set aside for local governments near casinos. However, a whopping 40% would go to what are described as “health care services”, and all other funds could be used for “other one-time expenses that serve a public purpose”.

Sport bets:

A 20% tax is levied on the proceeds of sports betting in the Senate version. The House bill increases this total to 23%.

Compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians:

The Senate bill requires the governor to negotiate a pact for the operation of casino games on tribal lands. However, the House version softens the language to say that the governor “may negotiate”.

Full comparison of SB319, SB309, SB310 and SB311 as adopted by the Senate versus the House proposal:

House project replacements:




@Jeff_Poor is a graduate of Auburn University and the University of Southern Alabama, editor-in-chief of Breitbart TV, columnist for Mobile’s Lagniappe Weekly and host of “The Jeff Poor Show” from Mobile 9 am to 12 pm on FM Talk 106.5.

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US para-archers now two-thirds of the way to Paralympic Games https://www.learnracquetball.com/us-para-archers-now-two-thirds-of-the-way-to-paralympic-games/ Sun, 02 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/us-para-archers-now-two-thirds-of-the-way-to-paralympic-games/

Martha Chavez poses after stepping onto the podium at the Toronto 2015 Parapan Am Games.

Four US para-archers started the Paralympic qualifying process on the right foot with victories in stages 1 and 2 of the US Paralympic Team Trials for archery over the weekend in Newberry, Fla.

Eric Bennett (recurve), Martha Chavez (compound bow), Lisa Coryell (compound W1) and Emma Rose Ravish (recurve) all went 2 on 2 in the 72 arrow rounds that make up the first two stages of the testing. This means that everyone will start the all-important Stage 3 of the Trials, which will be held on June 3 in Chula Vista, Calif., In a prime position to secure a berth for the Paralympic Games.

Bennett is aiming for a fourth edition of the Paralympic Games and still looking for his first career medal. His best performance to date was in London in 2012, finishing fourth. Bennett won a world championship in 2015.

Chavez is looking for his first Paralympic Games. She is a former Parapan Am Games medalist. The United States have yet to qualify for a quota spot in Chavez’s open compound division, which they can do at a world qualifying tournament in July.

Coryell is Team USA’s only woman in W1. The 2016 Paralympic athlete is once again attempting a Paralympic medal after battling numerous health issues in the past. Coryell secured his W1 quota spot with a gold medal in March at the Parapan Am Championships.

Ravish also secured her spot in March, winning silver in the women’s recurve bow. It was his first international medal in his career. The rising star had her first international competition in 2019 when she qualified for the world championships.

The male open compound athletes were not competing at Newberry. Positive tests for COVID-19 forced the postponement of this competition. Information on how these trials will proceed will be provided by USA Archery.

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Why do the odds vary in online sports betting? https://www.learnracquetball.com/why-do-the-odds-vary-in-online-sports-betting/ Fri, 30 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/why-do-the-odds-vary-in-online-sports-betting/

Sport is one of the most established habits of human beings. These exciting and organized challenges of sports expertise have been around for ages. Throughout the vast majority of this set of experiences, book making has existed with sports. As of now, sports betting is probably the most common pastime on the planet.

The creation of books, as people generally understand it today, dates back to Roman times. The old bookmakers would offer a sign of the probability of a particular outcome for bets on hunter matches and tank races. This has been an important thing from that moment on for the luxury online sports betting of the present day.

No matter when you bet on sports, whether in Old Rome or today, you will discover an array of accessible odds. Each bookmaker will regularly quote your distinctive odds for similar events. They will generally be really comparable, as a rule; there are just rare examples where they will be exactly the same.

Overall, why would this be? To understand the distinctions in the level of odds and find the bookies with the best qualities, you will need to educate yourself about the odds themselves.

What are the odds of online betting?

Source. aquelnoerayo.com

Probabilities are, basically, an approach for communicating probabilities. There are two basic types of “odds” that you can talk about in betting. For starters, you have a real chance. It alludes to the likelihood of something actually happening.

And then another is the odds of the bookmaker. The bookmaker’s odds reflect what a bookmaker will really pay you for a winning bet.

Why do the odds vary in online betting?

Different sports bets will often have other odds for a similar event. If you’ve invested the energy in more than one game booking site, this shouldn’t come as a shock to you. Variable odds are somewhat inevitable.

These days, the savage rivalry between directors means that the odds will converge. Administrators will often undermine each other to a base advantage. They have to cover overhead and other costs, all things considered.

All in all, these costs are moderately low for an online bookie. This is the reason why betting on online games regularly includes more aggressive contributions than many retail bookmakers. Gradually, varying chances remain.

Variable odds are really essential to specific betting styles. Some essential methodologies, for example, forex betting or betting exchange scalping, attempt to take advantage of variable odds. Many prevail when it comes to doing it as such. Unequal odds are used by the most efficient expert betting procedures.
Overall, why do they continue to exist?

  • Different sports bets charge different commissions and fees

The first, and perhaps usually obvious, rationale that contrasts with the odds are commissions and fees. Various bookmakers have diversified spending structures, workloads, and income goals. Subsequently, even the most outstanding rated betting sites may charge higher commissions and fees to stay solvable. If you are confused between several bookmakers, you can click here to know the best bookmakers site.

By charging a larger commission, a site is in a real sense eliminating a larger portion of your payments. The fees will, in general, be equal, so while they do not affect your payment proportionately, they are even higher for specific sites. This implies that smaller bets can generate higher odds than larger bets, for example.

Direct conflicts are a huge element that compensates for odds disparities. The big bookmakers around the world have their own tipsters. They carefully study verifiable information, environmental conditions, player injuries and various incalculable factors. The more modest bookmakers, for the most part, follow the lines drawn by the greatest outfits.

In any case, various specialists will, in some cases, have specific data or decipher similar information unexpectedly. These results have varying odds.

  • Deferred in-line gear shifting

Another element of sports betting that can offer separate odds is delayed line changes. These can influence both the pre-game and in-game betting markets. This frequently occurs around important events that generate enormous interest.

For example, suppose a market opens with lines pegged at 2/3 odds. However, at the start of the game strategies, another player injury, on the contrary the group has punters in a hurry to make this move. Fast bookies will respond and move lines as needed. Bookies who are slower to respond, however, will have a delayed lag in the lines. That makes a brief difference in odds.

  • Adjustment of betting odds books

Another circumstance that causes disparities in the odds of sports betting sites is the adjustment of the books. Bookmakers must take relative betting measurements in each market. Bookmakers must secure an advantage by paying little attention to the outcome.

This implies that when a specific betting market has created imbalanced bets, the opposite side of that bet may be offered with a “markdown”. In other words, the bookmakers will momentarily offer overwhelming odds on the luck they need to build, to adjust the books. These unicorn odds are unusual, however.

Source: oskeimsportspicks.com

Finally, another fundamental justification for opposing the odds between bookmakers is simple rivalry. This is particularly likely to be the case for extremely important events. As crowds of fans tune in to make their first ever bets, many bookmakers are trying to grab this new venture.

To do this, many admins decide to undermine each other. By offering the lowest absolute minimum odds, they can attract players new to web betting. Subsequently, a few administrators may offer staggering bets for specific events, in all cases sometimes making a move at a loss.


When it comes to sports betting odds, administrators range from pretty liberal to downright terrible. Since you can understand odds, how to understand them, and what they mean, you are ready to distinguish between different odds adequately.

Likewise, you now have a better understanding of the origin of these distinctions. By realizing how sports betting odds contrasts are shaped, you can more easily distinguish singular opportunities for profit and choose smart choices.

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Figure skaters make special delivery to Paralympian Tatyana McFadden https://www.learnracquetball.com/figure-skaters-make-special-delivery-to-paralympian-tatyana-mcfadden/ Thu, 29 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/figure-skaters-make-special-delivery-to-paralympian-tatyana-mcfadden/

The U.S. figure skating team poses with a photo of Tatyana McFadden’s new carbon racing frame at an airport.

Tatyana McFadden was getting anxious. His racing seat was broken and a replacement was stranded in Japan for six months due to pandemic restrictions on international shipping.

Finally, his chair arrived via FigEx.

It’s the US Figure Skating Express.

The US team returned from the World Team Trophy to Japan last week with silver medals and a cardboard box containing McFadden’s new carbon racing frame.

“We all felt like we were part of repatriating precious cargo,” said team captain Jason Brown.

They posed for a photo with the box at Tokyo’s Narita Airport, beaming behind their masks.

“I was like, ‘Please take a picture of everyone,’” said McFadden, “because I’m so grateful for them, that they took this and they’re going to bring it back. in the United States – because I ‘I have no more options and I need this wheelchair.

McFadden posted the photo on Instagram, writing, “When we say we’re a team, we really are a team.” She thanked the US figure skating team and each of the athletes, adding, “International sailing has been difficult during this time, but you all made it.”

Brown said that when their flight arrived in San Francisco and they went to baggage claim, “What we were all waiting for was this box. “OK, will it come out?”

He did, and then team leader Lorin Ferrell made sure he was dispatched to McFadden, Florida, where she is training for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, which begin in August.

It was a late birthday present for McFadden, who turned 32 on April 21.

The winner of 17 Paralympic medals – including seven gold – averages about 115 miles per week in training, or like her mother, Deborah said: “The distance she covers is the equivalent of covering the United States. times at least in a year. And that’s just training; that doesn’t count his competitions.

Wear puts a lot of pressure on the frame and weakens it in the middle. “That’s why you should really get a new frame within eight months to a year,” McFadden said. “I have been late for a long time. You want to have the perfect chair for the Games. “

McFadden, who runs track distances from 100 meters to 5,000 meters in the T54 category and also competes in road marathons, is expected to take a new chair in February 2020 after competing in one of the marathon majors in Japan. Then covid hit and the race was called off.

As the schedule moved from 2020 to 2021, McFadden had to make emergency repairs with epoxy glue. It was also forced to switch to an aluminum frame, which is not as light as the carbon frame.

Deborah worked the phones, trying all angles. Even though the whole package only weighed about 15 pounds, it was still more than the shipping restrictions allowed.

“I said to the wheelchair company, ‘Can you break it down into little tiny pieces?’ She said. “Which, of course, they can’t.”

“There is no one to blame,” said his daughter, who won six medals in Rio, including four gold. “I am running out of options. We are four months away from the Games. We just went to plan B. ”

The US figure skating team to the rescue.

McFadden contacted Sherrice Fox, the director of US Paralympic athletics, and said, “I need help. What can we do? Is there someone passing – like someone?

The U.S. diving team was scheduled to compete in a World Cup in Tokyo from April 18, but that has been postponed.

Another dead end.

Next, Fox told McFadden that the US figure skating team was not just heading to Japan, but was already on the plane.

However, with tight quarantines and sporting events staged in a bubble, McFadden feared there were problems.

US Figure Skating appealed to the Japanese Figure Skating Association. After the box containing the frame was shipped from the manufacturer to Osaka, it was allowed into the Athletes’ Hotel. The team transported him to the airport and, as an added bonus, Deborah said the excess baggage charge of $ 200 was the lowest amount she had ever paid to get the chair in the United States. .

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Tuberville: ‘People should make a decision’ on lottery, legalization of gambling – Yellowhammer News https://www.learnracquetball.com/tuberville-people-should-make-a-decision-on-lottery-legalization-of-gambling-yellowhammer-news/ Wed, 28 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/tuberville-people-should-make-a-decision-on-lottery-legalization-of-gambling-yellowhammer-news/

Tuberville: ‘People should make a decision’ on lottery, legalization of gambling

US Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) held his weekly press appeal on Wednesday, discussing topics such as President Joe Biden’s so-called infrastructure proposal, the President’s ‘lean’ budget proposal for the fiscal year 2022 and the importance of protecting the filibuster of the Senate.

The junior senator from Alabama also reacted briefly in the Alabama Senate on Tuesday night by passing legislation that would legalize a lottery, casino gambling in certain locations and sports betting in the state.

Tuberville said he did not have a position on the details of the legislation currently under consideration by Alabama House, adding that he wanted to wait and see the final version of the legislation before deciding whether to l ‘would support himself. However, he ultimately wants the people of Alabama to get a vote on the issue in a referendum.

“I think people should make a decision on this; I don’t think it really should be a government decision. I think the House and the Senate understand, “Hey, let the people of the state vote on this and see which way they want to go.” I don’t have a dog in this hunt, ”Tuberville said.

He launched the call by commenting on the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan.

“Our infrastructure (in Alabama) needs repairs,” Tuberville said. “Our highways need to be repaired, condemned bridges need special attention, there are roads that need to be paved to connect our rural communities, and broadband needs to be improved.

“These are big projects, and that’s why every penny of every dollar in the infrastructure bill should actually go to traditional infrastructure projects like these,” he continued. “Unfortunately, President Biden is reinventing the idea of ​​how you think about infrastructure.”

Tuberville said Biden’s proposal “is not about infrastructure.”

“This is the Green New Deal in disguise,” warned the Republican senator. He decried that Biden’s plan would represent “the biggest tax increase since 1993” while threatening the existence of small businesses and family farms.

The next topic was Biden’s proposed budget for FY22, specifically with regard to defense spending.

“President Biden’s plan threatens the strength and stability of our fighting forces,” Tuberville warned. He said the Biden administration was sending the signal that its priority was “a weak army.”

Tuberville stressed that Biden’s proposal “weakens military readiness and benefits our adversaries.”

“We cannot afford a setback,” said the senator, stressing that “bad actors like China and Russia” are investing heavily in their armies “just to get ahead” of the United States.

“The lack of investment in our armed forces puts our men and women in uniform at a disadvantage,” he noted. “It has a direct impact on the Alabamians. From Mobile to Huntsville, Alabama, over 200,000 jobs are in National Defense (related work). “

“Alabama has a long history of contributing to our national defense,” Tuberville continued. “And our state plays a central role in shaping the future of our armed forces. Simply put, this budget proposal is scary. “

RELATED: Senator Shelby Defends Military Readiness, Modernization Amid Defense Budget Concerns

Tuberville then expressed support for the continued filibuster.

“We need the systematic obstruction to protect the voice of the minority in the Senate,” he advised.

The Lee County resident concluded his remarks by reiterating his support for the COVID-19 vaccines.

He this week raised the news that the CDC and the Alabama Department of Public Health have both temporarily halted the Johnson and Johnson vaccine due to a rare type of blood clot appearing in six people – all women – who received the J&J coronavirus vaccine.

“Here we are looking at six cases of nearly seven million beatings administered across the country,” Tuberville commented. “Thanks to President Trump’s leadership and Operation Warp Speed, we have a lot of Moderna and Pfizer to do. Even today, President Biden said – these two vaccines – we have enough for everyone in this country. I’ve been in touch with the governor’s office and state officials, and they’ve assured me they’re on top of it all.

“I therefore continue to urge Alabamians to take any vaccine available when they can,” he concluded. “[G]and the vaccine, just like me.

Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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4 things we bet you didn’t know about para archery https://www.learnracquetball.com/4-things-we-bet-you-didnt-know-about-para-archery/ Sun, 25 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/4-things-we-bet-you-didnt-know-about-para-archery/

Eric Bennett competes in the men’s ind. Recurve archery event. – Standing on Day 5 of the London 2012 Paralympic Games at the Royal Artillery Barracks on September 3, 2012 in London, England.

When the Paralympic Games were first held in Rome in 1960, archery was on the program. Since that time, the sport has continued to be featured. Although this is one of the original Paralympic sports, there is still a lot to learn about para-archery.

Three-time Paralympian Eric Bennett – who currently holds two world records and is a full-time high school science teacher – shares the ins and outs of his sport. Here are four things that might shock you about Paralympic archery.

1. Paralympic archery is the sport that most closely resembles its Olympic counterpart

In American events, para-archers compete alongside able-bodied archers using what is called a recurve bow. They use the same equipment and follow the same rules and the same format. The only notable difference is that a para-athlete can use their mouth to shoot the arrow, shoot while sitting from a wheelchair, or have an additional accessory like a harness or tripod (for a visually impaired athlete).

Because of this, Bennett said most people don’t realize that there is in fact a whole other discipline. “The recurve bow is basically the traditional bow that dates back thousands of years,” but it’s the compound bow that is new to someone watching the Paralympic Games. “Compounds don’t exist at the Olympics.”

“Compound bows have wheels at the end and a pulley system,” said Bennett, who lost his right arm at age 15 in a tragic car crash.

Having been on all Paralympic teams since 2008, Bennett competed in the compound archery discipline in 2008, but subsequent Games in recurve – making him the first American to compete in two different disciplines at two different Games.

2. Despite being “a stick with a string” there is a lot of technology that goes into the making of a recurve bow.

Since there is no manufacturer of standard para equipment – like mouthpieces, shoulder harnesses, or tactile sights – many para-archers are forced to make their own. But there is equipment that takes “thousands of hours to develop” that cannot be homemade, Bennett said.

“Even though they look traditional – like a stick with a string – there’s an incredible amount of engineering that goes into making a recurve bow,” Bennett said.

“It might not look as fancy as a compound bow with the wheels on the end” – and it certainly doesn’t cost that much – but “they’re just as technologically advanced: from the manufacturing side. from carbon fiber temples to the grip design. It’s just a different style.

3. Many people compare archery to golf for an important reason

When you think of archery, golf is not the first sport you might think of to compare it to. But Bennett thinks there’s a big reason why you should. Like golf, he said, “We spend a lot of time working on our mental game.”

“There’s a lot of visualization going into it, a lot of mental preparation when it comes to thinking about different scenarios.” He said when it comes time to shoot, “you have to be mentally tough and mentally present.”

Don’t take away the physicality of the sport, but “what goes between your ears is going to determine whether you are successful or not,” he revealed.

In order to stay on top of a sport he has been playing since the age of 7, Bennett chooses to work with a sports psychologist. He admitted that this is not something that is not unique to his sport, as many top athletes do the same.

4. The sport of archery wants you to give your child a bow and arrow.

When it comes to sports for young people, few would think that an activity that involves a bow and arrows is suitable for children. But you’d be wrong, Bennett said. In the United States, US Archery has launched a program called JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development).

“There are kids’ clubs everywhere we introduce kids as young as five and six to archery,” Bennett said.

Archery is very inclusive that way.

“It’s not age discrimination. It is not discriminatory between the sexes. It’s a sport that anyone can play, ”even someone at the other end of the age group. “I know several gentlemen in their 80s who are in competition. There are no age barriers. “

Not only that, but it’s a sport you can play for your whole life, he said.

“Anyone who wants to shoot a bow can shoot.”

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Boston’s Danny Ainge recalls how Celtics icon Red Auerbach beat him in racquetball https://www.learnracquetball.com/bostons-danny-ainge-recalls-how-celtics-icon-red-auerbach-beat-him-in-racquetball/ Wed, 21 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/bostons-danny-ainge-recalls-how-celtics-icon-red-auerbach-beat-him-in-racquetball/

Younger Boston Celtics fans may not all be aware that current team president Danny Ainge was a franchise player with whom he won two titles in the mid-1980s.

Not many people know yet that Ainge was a three-sport All-American, gaining national recognition as a high school athlete in his native Oregon playing basketball, football and baseball, the latter of which also played. professionally in college before joining the Celtics in 1981. As Adept of the fact that the future Celtic played the sport in high school, he would meet his match in another sport in a Red Auerbach, Boston’s iconic coach and president of the team behind most of the Boston banners.

Ainge was asked if there was a sport he wasn’t good at during a recent episode of the popular New England Sports radio show “Touch & Rich”.

This prompted the BYU product to revel in listeners about his clash with Red on a different kind of pitch while still wearing green and white – and how he nearly got away with what is obviously a dirty trick. . “Yeah, there’s a sport,” Ainge replied. “Racquetball”. “I could never really get good at racquetball because I use both hands when playing tennis,” he added. https://twitter.com/TheCelticsWire/status/1384941594349035522?s=20

There was a time when he challenged me, and he beat everyone on the team.

“It was like in the middle of a training camp. I’m going ‘Red, I have a second practice coming up here in a while’. He says ‘Come on, Ainge, you’re the only guy I do’ didn’t beat it. ‘ So I went back to the racquetball court and beat Red, but I beat him without putting the string around my wrist. And so Red, when Red found out – of I think it was [Kevin] McHale who spoke to me – when Red found out. “

“You can’t do that,” explained the Celtics president. “Then [Red] wanted revenge, then he beat me. “https://twitter.com/TheCelticsWire/status/1384935113801207810?s=20

While the intricacies of the rules of racquetball remain opaque to us, we’ll take Danny’s word as we know how fiercely competitive the legendary Celtics GM was. And so, while Ainge may have been a three-sport All-American, it’s safe to say racquetball wasn’t one of them. This article originally appeared on Celtics Wire. Follow us on Facebook! [lawrence-related id=46616,44080,41772,40729] [listicle id=49314]



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