The Racquetball Court

The International Racquetball Federation (IRF) and the United States Racquetball Association (USRA) have recommended the following configuration for a Racquetball court to ensure uniform standards. The courts developed on the specifications handed by IRF and USRA will be fit for any international tournament and national level tournaments as well.
 Racquet ball Court

The specifications of the court measured 3 feet above finished floor level will be: Length: 40 feet plus/minus 4.8 inches; width: 20 feet plus/minus 3 inches, and height: 20 feet plus/minus 3 inches. 

Markings specification: 

Racquetball Court Dimesions

* Short Line: The short line is the centerline between the front and back walls and is drawn parallel to them.
* Service Line: This line runs parallel to the short line at a distance of 5 feet.
* Receiving Line: This again, runs parallel to the short line at a distance of 5 feet. This is a broken line with 2 segments abutting each side of the two sidewalls measuring 21feet long each and 16 more segments each measuring 6 feet. There are 17 spaces between each segment and each space measuring 6 feet between them. Calculation: 21 feet x 2 feet = 42 feet + 6 feet * 16 feet = 96 feet + 6 feet * 17 feet = 103 feet, which works out to 42 feet +96 feet +102 feet = 240 feet, which is equal to 20 feet.
* Screen Line: Runs 3 feet from the sidewall, parallel to it and touches the short line and the service line.
* Service Zone: The service zone lies in the area between the short line and the service line.
* Service Boxes: The service box is marked at each end of the service zone with 1.5 feet lines parallel to the side walls touching the short line and service line.